Hindus in Pakistan

Within the discussion of minorities in Pakistan, a citizen of Karachi, Sindh, has uploaded a series of videos that include a number of Hindu temples in Sindh, as well as video of Hindu festivals and visits of gurus in Sindh and other regions of Pakistan.  These videos are included in the youtube channel Namaste Pakistan.  The temples include Lord Bhodesar Mandir, Sardro Mandir, and Ramapir Mandir (all in Nagarparkar), Bhagnari Shiv Mandir in Karachi, and Lord Krishan Mandir in Thar.

Mandirs in Pakistan

While most Sindhi Hindus migrated from Sindh after Partition, some Hindus remain there.  While their struggles in Sindh, as a small minority in Pakistan, have been significant, the information on another blog highlights the reclamation of a Hindu temple in Karachi, dedicated to Varun Dev, that non-Hindus had occupied in the aftermath of Partition.  This blog (Hindu temples in Pakistan) lists, with photos, Hindu temples across Pakistan.  The list contains a variety of temples in Sindh, including Sadh Bela near Sukkur.  Anyone with more information on these sites, please post additional materials.

Uderolal, Sindh

Exterior of joint Hindu-Muslim shrine in Uderolal, Sindh

Exterior of joint Hindu-Muslim shrine in Uderolal, Sindh

The shrine at Uderolal, Sindh, honors Jhule Lal.  Sindhi Hindus typically refer to him as an appearance of either Vishnu or Varuna who saved Hindus from a tyrannical ruler who threatened to force them to become Muslims.  Sindhi Muslims associate this shrine and the figure known as Jhule Lal with a Sufi master.  Continue reading